Sunday, October 1, 2023

#TuesdayTodds|Call Me Sparkle

When a toddler owns a personal blog where she drops daily dose of style inspiration, she deserves to be honored. In recent times, a lot of stylish toddlers have been documented but Sparkle really stands out.

She pulls off outfits that adults would be scared to try, this toddler right here makes star shaped sunglasses look like the real deal.

She has a fro with an attitude, and rocks a gingham with a patterned bootie effortlessly. It was Rihanna who said it was when she finally understood her self that she started knowing what she wanted in terms of style.

It is safe to say that Sparkle knows a bit about herself, and it is evident in her natural fierce looks and attitude. That attitude and charisma!! is to die for. Her entire Instagram feed and blog was nearly exported for this publications sake, but there is still so much to see and learn. Click HERE for more sparkle photos

See how well Sparkle shines in all her photos.





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