Monday, December 4, 2023

#TUESDAYTODDS: Coco Pink Princess Is Your Normcore Fashion Kid

Coco is the fashion risk taker we all wished we could be, her wardrobe seems very much devoid of Disney characters and your typical little girl garb, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have personality.

Coco’s style ranges from punk to normcore and she can rock a puffer jacket like an Instagram star three times her age!. Recently, she has taken a keen interest in the fanny pack and waist bags, it is as though she was involved in  afree campaign for fanny packs.

Coco’s favorite thing about clothes is choosing them, and this is not surprising because she gets to see a lot of this from her families vintage store called Funktique in the district of Harajuku in Tokyo. In an interview with Vogue, Coco’s mother gives an insight on Coco’s interest in fashion from a very young age. According to her mother, Misato, Coco started to take an interest in shopping and fashion around the age of 3, but “she was picking out a pink dress from her wardrobe from the age of two!” writes Misato.

Coco can get away with just anything, her love for norm-core fashion and vintage pieces is to die for, this child star can give any blogger a run for their money. She can easily rock a Pepto-pink track pants and a matching Comme des Garçons Girl messenger bag,  she makes anything look good and we are totally in love with that.

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