Wednesday, March 29, 2023

#TuesdayTodds|The Chichiromeoandme Siblings

The first thing that pops at your face is the height of their fro, the fierce look on their faces, the athletic poses and bloggers style they have on.

These siblings came to the world to dominate with their talent, fro and candid photos. They have such intense personalities that it speaks so much through their images, they give expressions that leave you confused and wondering if you were on the right track in terms of style and clothing accessory.

Their Instagram account which is managed by their Mum Juliet, is worth gushing over. A lot of fashionable kids have been published but not siblings who stay winning, the make you want to be a child again and also wish for more kids.

Having a mum who sews is such an advantage, not only do you get to switch up your outfits when you want but have the luxury of having clothes made to suit your person.

The Germany based blogger Mum not only sews but she hand paints some of the things that she make, this takes the outfits to a whole new level. The eldest of the three seems to have it all in control, her pose and charisma seems to have influenced her siblings. Kids are cute but Ashley, Grace and Romeo gives you reasons why you need more than two. Take a look at all the alluring images of the trio.

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