Monday, March 4, 2024

Twitter Celebrates Black Men With #BlackMenSmiling

Twitter is a social media community known for its savagery and knock-out clap backs. If you are looking for the most hilarious, brutally honest, yet nerve ticking social media platform, then Twitter is the place for you. But what we love amidst all the savagery Twitter serves us is the unity that is formed in the course of a greater good.

Over the weekend twitter became a place filled with love and appreciation for African-American men in the honor of Black History Month. It is no secret that Black people have been faced with extremely trying times in America, from police brutality #blacklivesmatter to the disturbingly high rate of poverty among the black community, which is about  27.4%.

Black people, especially the men don’t exactly have it easy, so in honor of the Black History Month in America, Twitter hasn’t only been celebrating the great things The African American community has done, but it has also created a trend that celebrates black men in their purest form.

The #blackmensmiling trend definitely has to be one of the most heart warming trends ever, and we are here for it.

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