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Types Of Belt For Men

A belt is a flexible band or strap, typically made of leather or heavy cloth, and worn around the waist. A belt supports trousers or other articles of clothing. It is an item of accessory. Wikipedia

Types of belt

Casual belt

men belt

Casual belts are simply what the name implies. They are to be worn on simple outfits like jeans and shorts. The types of leather used in the casual belts are usually rugged and matte. The designs are often broader, tougher and made with interchangeable buckles.

  • The dress belt is usually between 1-1.5 inch strap
  • Comes in black or brown leather
  • Shiny leather
  • The designs are usually simple and under decorated.


Dress belts

mens belts

Formal belts are more formal. It often has a small frame-style buckle, simple designs, and neutral colors. When wearing a dress belt on a cooperate outfit, it is important that the shine of the leather corresponds. i.e. the high shine belt should be worn with the high shine shoe.

  • The designs are flashy
  • The leather doesn’t always match
  • The strap is usually 1.5 inch or wider
  • The buckle is often decorative


Rules to abide by when choosing a belt

  • When choosing a belt, you need to make sure that the buckle of the belt matches other metal accessories you intend pair your outfit with.
  • Wearing a formal belt with jeans is acceptable, but it doesn’t necessarily look good.
  • Accent belts are the most suitable pieces for formal outfits because it is more subtle and often compliments the rest of your outfit.
  • Statement pieces on the other hand are loud, dramatic and often contrast with your outfit. So they are more suitable to pair with casual outfits.

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