Monday, December 4, 2023

Tyrese Films Self-Confidence Session with Six Year Old Daughter, Shayla

Just when you thought you couldn’t love model, author, actor and all round great guy, Tyrese Gibson any more, he goes and does something cute – like spend time confidence-coaching his daughter and sharing the video of the session online.

Scoring mad man-points and having the world singing his praises (which we think would go something like “N’awww….”), the Fast and Furious star orders six year old Shayla to repeat;

“It doesn’t matter what you say about me. It’s about the way I feel about myself. I love me – so it doesn’t matter if you don’t love me.”

Posting the touching video to his Facebook page this week, Tyrese not only accrued 256,234 likes and 172,962 comments from his followers so far, but massive respect from Team SPICE and probably a World’s Greatest Dad nomination from his daughter, who’s clearly being groomed for great things.

See the video, below;

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