Monday, June 5, 2023

Urban Decay To Donate Proceeds To Women Empowerment Cause.

Imagine a world where looking good, using a really good product that helps rejuvenates your lips, translates to you helping make the world a better place by empowering women? Yeap! we live in that world and amidst all the crazy things happening in different continents, there is still hope for humanity and you can help be a part of the greater good.


urban decay outspoken lipstick


When urban Decay released a new limited edition shade of its famous Vice collection we were all crazy with excitement mainly because Urban Decay does no wrong and also it was launched on Women’s day.

What Makes the new rosy-mauve neutral called Outspoken different from the already existing 135 shades of Urban Decay’s Vice collection has to be the fact that all of the proceeds made from the sale of the lipstick will be donated towards non-profit organizations that support women empowerment causes.


urban decay vice lipsticks


“By purchasing Outspoken Vice Lipstick, you’re helping to provide literacy programs and microloans to women in Uganda. You’re enabling girls in Kenya to get an education. And you’re making it possible for underserved and abused women in New York City to get the legal representation they desperately need. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together so far — and we have so much more to do.” Urban Decay Founder Wende Zomnir.

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