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Utibe Ayi|Back To School On A Budget

The holidays are over and once again you start to feel the rush of blood going through your brain just calculating all the essentials for the next session and that is when the bargain hunter in you arises. Suddenly you realize that you have to get so much for less money, you suddenly remember that you are a fashionista in school, hence you can not decide to be laid back (as Nigerians would say “you cannot fall your hand”). In this time of absolute pain and confusion, here are top five ways to slay and and spend less.

Be on a Budget

I don’t think people say that enough, when you are not on a budget you do not know what to spend. You just assume that all the money you have is for clothes and accessories, and before you realize the only money left is your transport fare back home. If you are like me, your inner budget counselor begins to whisper in your ears how you just squandered all your money without thinking, trust me, your day would be miserable. (I sometimes cry on this days)

shoping on a budget shopping on a budget

Avoid Online Shopping

I know life is all about convenience but sometimes the best things are not gotten from our comfort zones. The only time you can bargain at an online store is only if it’s an auction or bargain site, asides that if you have to shop from online stores for school items, you might as well walk into a store to get the item. when shopping from a physical store, you might get the opportunity to bargain the cost of the item with the seller, you also get the opportunity to see even better and similar items for less in other stores. Don’t just buy the first item you see, you would regret later, take this from someone who has been there and done that.

how to shop on a budget how to shop on a budget

Thrift Shopping

Not everyone accepts this way of shopping but if you do, I see no reason to refrain from it. The misconception about thrift shopping is that everyone thinks all the items in a thrift store were originally worn by old dead people.

Think of it this way, every season, stores go on ridiculous sales, sometimes they take out all their old stock of last season to replace with new ones, where do you think all this old stock go t0? off course, to the thrift stores. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you won’t find already worn clothes at a thrift store(what Nigerians would call ‘Okrika’), what I am saying is that you can get brand new designers clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for less.

I cannot begin to count the amount of items I have gotten from thrift shopping and everyone would start exclaiming “OMG, were can I get this” and because I know that if they were to buy it for the original price they would definitely go bankrupt, I save them the stress by not telling.

how to shop on a budget how to shop on a budget how to shop on a budget how to shop on a budget how to shop on a budget

Make Clothes yourself

As a student, there’s a always a need to look good, to be frank you start building your brand from the get go and setting a standard for the yourselves, do not fall into that category of “oh no one is looking at me and I just don’t care”. Get your grades high and be the best but also take your appearance very seriously. If you can’t afford a dress you need so badly, I bet your local tailor can help you out. Now let’s be clear, try to be creative with your own style and always work on a budget. This trick really helped me a lot, and the best part is no one would be wearing what your putting on, because it’s a not a mass produced item from china.

shop under budget


how to shop on a budget


Look out for sales 

sales! sales! sales! is all I ever want to here, I mean don’t you just get excited when you hear 70percent discount off an item, yes!! There are a lot of level to sales, go on the internet search for coupons, search for free shipping, and more coupons. This coupons could be used on online stores and they aid in giving you more discount.

how to shop on a budget

how to shop on a budget

Take this for free, be an early planner, people think only over zealous persons need to plan early. Don’t just wait until a week before resumption before you actually start shopping, there’s no way you would get things for less, and also if possible buy off season.

For instance, Summer is over and trust me when I say there are a lot of stores at the moment on sales, trying to clear up space for the next season clothes, this is the right time  to get clothes, shoes and accessories for next season, they might not be so functional now but trust me, it would be worth it.

Except you see a need to always be in trends of the season then you are excused(this means you have a lot of money already). Don’t forget the ultimate “Style is more than what you wear” if you got it in you, lack of designer clothes wont be a limit.

Here are Five Stores you can shop under Five thousand Naira from, CLICK HERE

how to shop on a budget

how to shop on a budget

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