Saturday, June 10, 2023

The Growth Of African Fashion Industry (Lagos Fashion And Design Week as a case study)

Fashion is the identity of individuals and the representation of our times, for fashion not to exist; is as though life itself was dead. The Nigerian Fashion industry has not only evolved overtime, but has begun to have structures that promote fashion designers, models, photographers, stylist and so much more. Seven to ten years ago, fashion was considered as a sector for the less talented and worthless individual, who needed a trade to get by in life, fast forward today and it is an industry with a multi billion dollar prospect.

For all it’s worth, the Nigerian fashion industry has grown into accommodating a structure that was not in existence in time past, designers are getting the well deserved recognition for their work, and Nigerians have leaned more into promoting made in Nigerian products.
Asides from the international acclamation the Nigerian fashion industry is getting at the moment, Style house files has made most of that possible, it was founded in 2011 by Omoyemi Akinrele and since then, she has made it her priority to foster the growth of this industry by running a platform that helps brands gain international exposure through various programs and initiatives like the Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

The multi day event which attracts a lot of international bodies has not only helped the Nigerian fashion industry be on the global map but it has given opportunities to budding designers and existing ones reach their maximum potentials. With the fashion focus and fashion business series which run concurrently with fashion week, it has made room for not just fashion designers but also fashion journalists, bloggers, influencers and retailers to be at the peak of their careers.

Lagos Fashion and Design Week has not only put Nigeria on the map but it has opened doors to a lot of foreign investors which in turn has boosted the economies revenue. Brands such Orange Culture, Gozel Green, Lisa Folawiyo and so many others have featured in Vogue and so many acclaimed international shows due to Style House files influence. Hence, it is no longer a myth that finally, Nigerians have started to accept their cultural heritage by infusing indigenous fabrics into their collections which is showcased to the world.

Nigerian fashion industry is showing great potential to be a leading force in the African sector in few years to come and it only shows that fashion indeed is not about utility, it is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity.

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