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Vanguard Allure Campaigns Against Domestic Violence

We have about 74% of women in Mali saying “a husband is justified to beat his wife if she refuses to have sex with him”. Nurbanu: a 36 year old woman from Bangladesh was forced to go back to her husband after destroying half of her beautiful face with acid.

Now let’s bring the statistics home. In Nigeria, the CLEEN Foundation reports 1 in every 3 women admitting to being a victim of domestic violence. The survey also found a nationwide increase in domestic violence in the past 3 years from 21% in 2011 to 30% in 2013. Sexual violence in Nigeria is mostly not reported by the victim’s as a result of lack of evidence and most importantly due to the social stigmatization that comes with going public. About 25 percent of women in Nigeria reported the case of forced sex in the hands of their previous or present spouse. The list is endless.

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The most alarming part is the stigmatization most victims have to go through in the hands of family members and society. Majority of domestic violence and assault victims prefer to keep their ordeal to themselves mostly because of the manner in which law enforcement agencies in their country handle assault cases. It is never a survivors fault; they should NEVER be treated like it’s their fault.

Most Assault victims are not brave enough to live with the post effects and tend to thread the path of depression, anxiety or even worse; commit suicide. Though the cases of female on male assaults aren’t as high, doesn’t make it nonexistent. Above 80 percent of this incidents die with the victims, because society has a stereotype image of what a man should and shouldn’t be and being assaulted by a “mere” woman isn’t one of  the should’s. Sadly such cases aren’t even taken seriously by law enforcement in many countries.

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That being said, there’s a need for society to know that both intentionally or not domestic violence and assault are totally unacceptable. Victims don’t deserve to be treated as outcast either by law enforcement or society. They need to know that people out there are ready to stand by them, help them survive this ordeal and fight the good fight. We need to support the few brave ones that have taken it upon themselves to help survivors get their life back.  Women need to know that no man has the right to devour them. Women in third world countries need to know that there is nothing justifiable about assaulting a woman and no man should go Scot free for engaging in such barbaric act, irrespective of the circumstance, intention and emotional state of the predator, sexual violence is a tool used to scar, hurt, dominate and objectify others and should never be justified.

vanguardallure domestic violence campaign

Men need to understand that assault and violence are totally unacceptable by the law and is an unforgivable sin in the sight of the creator. Reducing the rate of violence against defenceless women and men all over the world should be part of our top priorities in making today’s world a better place. Different victims handle the post assault phase differently and it is common for survivors to experience anxiety, paranoia, fear, disassociation, anger, and or depression. The healing process takes time, requires love patience, and spiritual growth, survivors need to be reminded of all the beautiful reason they have to live again and regain a sense of control over his or her life.

Trends in Domestic violence, is a statistics on domestic violence conducted by the Lagos state government which showed that;

  • 78% of victims had reported their Abusive spouses to religious clerics.
  • 98% of husbands stated that the reason for abusing their spouse was based on infidelity speculations.
  • 90% of victims don’t want to leave because they are financially dependent on their spouse.
  • 74% of these victims are still interested in patching things up with their partner, 98% of whom stated their children as the reason for reconciliation.

This is just the statistics for one state in a country of 36 states, in a continent of 54 countries. The government will always do their part, but we need society to turn of the “mind your business” switch off to life threatening matters like this.

Vanguard Allure has released powerful pictures for their campaign against domestic Violence, staring model Aduke as the face of the campaign. We nervously wait for the full tea on how the campaign will empower victims within and outside Africa.

We do not know that all this talk about domestic violence and its statistics will interest our readers, nor do we know that anyone reading this will take us serious. But what we do know is that victims are falling all the way down the bottom of the depression well and we do know that assault victims need to be shown endless support and love. These are little things we are more than capable of giving and guess what? It doesn’t cost a single penny.

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