Sunday, October 1, 2023

Alaine By Celine Debuts Her ‘Virgo’ Collection

Modest Fashion is one of the trends predicted by Spice Fashion Forecaster HERE, we are already in an era were modesty is the new fashion. Alaine, an indigenous Nigerian clothing line debuted her Virgo Collection, and it was all shades of modest and fierce. The timeless pieces featured in the collection is a blend of Contemporary and Indigenous styles. We can finally say goodbye to the days of boring looking Iro and buba, Alaine brought live to the African print  by pairing it with other range of other fabrics. The royal blue figure flattering  midi dress is to die for, it is definitely one of those pieces that should be worn when you decide to look like a diva. Take a look at the exotic Luxurious, daring collection that is a must have for every woman.


Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-11 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-1 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-2 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-3 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-4 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-5 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-6 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-7 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-8 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-9 Alter-Ego-dress-Alaine-by-Celine-10


Muse: Anita Adetoye @anita.adetoye
Photography: Tope Adenola @Tope_horpload

Makeup : @anitabrows

Jewellery: Instyle Emporium @instyleemporium

Creative Direction: Ms Celine Ifedayo @celineslimz

PR: The BASE Agency @thebaseagencyng

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