Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Vogue Arabia’s latest cover is a celebration of modest fashion

Vogue Arabia continues to be one of the most pioneering editions of the style magazine and their latest cover is something to witness. The magazine features three prominent hijabi models in a celebration of modest fashion and it’s unbelievably chic. Models Halima Aden, Ikram Abdi Omar, and Amina Adan make fashion history, starring in the first ever group hijabi cover for Vogue.

The three models feature in the magazine to highlight the power of choice and to challenge the notions of what modesty means in this day and age. The three models were shot by Txema Yeste and styled by Vogue Arabia fashion director Katie Trotter, with the onus being on a woman’s right to choose and the tagline “your body, your rules.” The cover marks the first for Omar and Adan for Vogue Arabia, and the second for Aden, who says, “I think it’s important to remember that wearing a hijab is a woman’s personal choice. It doesn’t make her any better or worse than another Muslim woman. To me, it symbolizes modesty and gives me a sense of power.”

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