Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Vogue Italia Releases Controversial Fashion Film, “Horror Movie” to Tackle Violence Against Women

Vogue Italia has once again proven its mettle as one of the most courageous fashion magazines in the world, with a controversial fashion film, “Horror Movie.”

Fusing the ever fragile relatioship between fashion and reality, the magazine enlisted photography great, Steven Meisel and makeup legend, Pat McGrath to embark on a cause awareness project – this time tackling violence against women.

The horror movie-themed film recreates scenes from some of our favourite gory flicks, and features several bloodied models in high fashion designs. But unfortunately for Vogue, much of the media has accused the magazine of glamourising violence and are unhappy with the film’s depiction of glamorous women staged in beautifully terrorised poses.

Features director for the mag, Carlo Ducci released a statement about the project, saying;

“Saying STOP violence against women allows us to be in our own way, useful. It supports a message of civilization against barbarism. It does not matter if we run the risk that you raise from every part of fuss and media criticism; it does not matter if we are accused of using a major problem for us off the newsstands.

We are interested in just one of dozens of women who suffer daily violence. That those who follow us will be stimulated to act, to denounce, to help women in need. And that all know how much, even us (at) Italian Vogue, are on their side: in condemning an absolute and radical violence in all its forms. An awareness that drives us to make noise. In our own way. To become, why not, a true manifesto.”

We at SPICE applaud the magazine’s attempt at raising awareness to such an issue but would like to know your thoughts via the comments box or on Twitter via @SPICETVAFRICA.

For now, see the film and some stills, below;

Vogue Italia horror movie spicetvVogue Italia horror movie spicetv 2Vogue Italia horror movie spicetv 3Vogue Italia horror movie spicetv 4Vogue Italia horror movie spicetv 5Vogue Italia horror movie spicetv 6Vogue Italia horror movie spicetv 7

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