Thursday, September 21, 2023

Watch Menswear Designer Ifeanyi Nwune’s New Fashion Film, ‘Timeless’

 As we begin a month thinking all things ‘Man’ online, menswear designer Ifeanyi Nwune presents a new fashion film starring himself, along with his fashion friends, model Peter Fin, Evelyn Ekeanyanwu, Denzel Mozie and Emjay Jemeni.

Captured by film director Kene Umeokafor, with art direction and clothing by Mr Nwune, the film (titled Timeless) was inspired by “individuality, absolute belief in one’s self, expressing yourself to the fullest and embracing being alone towards productivity. Ifeanyi also said of the film;

“I believe the world will be a better, more colourful place if people are less influenced by society and miss out on most part of their lives in an attempt to fit in.”


Within the fashion short, the designer included a poem that is recited during the film, which reads;

Mind of a God,
The sky is falling as I immerse myself into deep thoughts as an artist,
Recreating my mind, thoughts way deeper than an abyss,
An Odyssey
Little peer pressure from cannabis
It makes me see
And so I know not to be basic
‘Cos acting like “them” sort of slows you down
Keeps your destiny in traffic
Most say we are born like this
But some know, we are just timeless.”

See the film here below and then let us know what you think to Ifeanyi Nwune and Kene Umeokafor’s video take on the “Timeless” collection, by telling us your thoughts in the comments box or online, tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA.

Video & image source: Ifeanyi Nwune

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