Monday, June 5, 2023

Watch Out Weds: Jewelled Socks by Anita Quansah & Famn Mon

Dreamed of dripping with jewels from head to toe? Well, so have designer pals Anita Quansah and Famn Mon – except they’ve went one further and made it so, with a limited edition range of beautifully beaded socks…

Since releasing a sneak preview of the new designs via Instagram, Quansah told SPICE the innovative product is one they’re “eager to get into the market” and came about through the friends’ desire to own “more than just ordinary socks.”

anita sox2

“Having spent half of the year in 2013 designing and collaborating with an Italian shoe company, I was so excited to translate that creative idea to other accessories that accompany footwear. (The idea of) jewelled socks was perfect – an exciting project that I’ve taken up with one of my dearest friends Fanm Mon, who shares the same quirky ideas as me. ”

Naturally, this novel idea has been met with excitement from followers and while there’s no date for the sock’s release, feedback so far is encouraging. “We’re delighted with the response we’ve had so far. This positive feedback has encouraged us to launch this idea as quickly as we can before the summer season. There’s a gap in the market, so we want to utilise that the best way we can (while) offering a unique, statement piece that will complement any ensemble.

anita sox

We’re already sold. Watch this space for more information on the limited edition range.

Image source: Anita Quansah London

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