Thursday, March 23, 2023

Watch Out Weds: Virgo’s Lounge Flash Sale

Looking to revamp your wardrobe for 2014? Us too – and how better than via Virgo’s Lounge’s fantastic flash sale?

With pieces priced as low as £15 and including statement-making skirts, tops, dresses, leggings, jackets, trousers and jumpsuits, sifting through the brand’s online collection couldn’t be more harmless to your bank balance or more healthy for your wardrobe.

We’ve raided the site for the best bargains (buying a few bits for ourselves) to bring you a little inspiration to splurge in the sale. Check out some of our top finds below and fight temptation not to buy them…

Vivi jumpsuit £68 from £98
Vivi jumpsuit, £68 from £98

Draya skirt £57 from £82
Draya skirt, £57 from £82

Ari Trousers £37.50 form £75
Ari trousers, £37.50 from £75

Bianca dress £75 from £150
Bianca dress, £75 from £150

Drew dress £30 from £99
Drew dress, £30 from £99

Tali shorts £20 from £60
Tali shorts, £20 from £60

Oceana maxi, £35 from £110
Oceana maxi, £35 from £110

Alize Oceanic minidress £28 from £90
Alize oceanic print mini dress, £28 from £90

Zina jacket, £85 form £190
Zina jacket, £85 form £190


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