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Waxing Tips Everyone Who DIY Should Know

Going to the beauty parlor to get your wax done is still the best choice anyone can make. For one, they are professionals, they know what they are doing, they treat you with utmost intricacy and are very familiar with the Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t You Evers of the craft.

But for hairy people, having to go all the way to get their wax done all the time can be a challenge, especially when you find yourself in a tight space regarding time and where you have to be. Sometimes you just want to get rid of the visible hair in more obvious places like your face, armpit and bikini, without having to be at the mercy of a pro all the time.

We give you some of the handiest tips for those of you who are interested in waxing at home.

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  • Make Sure You Always Exfoliate before each waxing session.

The importance of exfoliating before your waxing session can never be over emphasised. It helps get rid of dead cells and also prevents ingrown hairs which often leads to wax bumps and skin pigmentation. For those who have deep ingrown hairs, we suggest the use of tested and approved chemical exfoliators for best results.

N.P – We suggest that, asides from exfoliating before every waxing session, you should exfoliate your skin at least 2-3 times a week, for an all round healthy and radiant skin.

  • Invest in a good waxing kit.

The beginning of any at-home waxing disaster is buying a trashy wax kit. It will not only damage your skin, but will also leave you spending so much money on treating your skin. So make sure to conduct a proper research on the wax kit you are about to purchase.

  • Use baby powder before waxing.

Applying baby powder on the surface of the area you are about to wax helps absorb moisture and allows the wax work better.



  • Always test the temperature of the wax.

This rule applies only to those who use hot wax. To avoid being burned and left with a lingering redness, make sure you test a small part of the wax, to make sure its the right temperature, before applying it on your skin.


  • Apply the wax in the right direction.

When waxing at home, it important to do a proper research on the direction of hair growth in different parts of the body. This knowledge enables you understand how to apply the wax and know what direction to uproot the hair from. Waxing in the wrong direction is one of the major causes of ingrown hair and after wax irritation, because it can break the hair follicle which will cause the hair to grow faster than it should.

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  • Moisturize as often as you can.

Using any moisturizer of your choice after waxing will help soothe the irritated skin and help reduce redness.

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