Tuesday, March 5, 2024

#WCW – Check Your Girl If She Is Fly Like Teni Oluwo of Style Territory

Find a trash can farther down the road to throw your idea of ‘conformity’ before we proceed with this post. Don’t say you were not warned that you are about to meet an out-of-the-world stylist. Femininely fierce or androgynous funky, which side of Teni Oluwo would you like to meet today?


Teni Oluwo


Teni Oluwo


Teni Oluwo



Because we love our fashion box broken and we have emancipated from the slavery of rules and norms, we are triggered by unconventional guts to introduce you to our #womancrush today; Teni Oluwo.


Teni Oluwo


If the laid-back doctrine of fashion comfort is your thing, drag a seat in this theartre as we delve into Teni Oluwo’s dramatic world of fashion expression and art. Let it stick to your mind that she believes fashion is incomplete without an infusion of art.


Sitting pretty like a jar of colourful cocktail, Teni is a creative fashion stylist, style enthusiast, creative writer and brand strategist. How would you like to sip?


Teni Oluwo


Having produced and styled several fashion films both in Nigeria and overseas, Teni presently runs her Styling Company called ‘Style Territory,’ she has had her work featured on Vogue Italia twice and counting.



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