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#WCW: Ifeoma Amadi

One of the things that bring about our proudest moments here at SPICE, is when talented young ladies defy the traditional idea of what a woman can and should do, most especially when it comes to agreeing with societal ideologies. our #WCW of the week is the beautiful, talented and creative fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Ifeoma Amadi. A young woman who believes in self love, hard work and most importantly the ability to believe in one’s dreams no matter how crazy those dreams might be. currently a new-bee in the blogging business, with roughly a year up her sleeves, Ifeoma has gotten to work with International skincare brand Olay. As she continues to progress in her career path, Ifeoma Amadi has proven to us that in no time, she would be a force to reckon with in both the local and international circle of the fashion business.


  • What is feminism to you?

Feminism to me is simply advocacy for equality of all sexes especially the female gender.

  • How does it feel like to be a female influencer in today’s world?

Feminism to me is simply advocacy for equality of all sexes especially the female gender.

  • What would you consider to be the lowest point in your life? And how did you bounce back? 

Getting into uni I’d say has been my lowest point in life as I wanted to school in the diaspora but my parents weren’t on the same page as me and were bent on having me study here in Nigeria.

  • How old are you? And what does it feel like to be a woman your age?

I’m 21 and I don’t feel in a particular way due to my age. I take age as a number and I’ve never let it be a determinant of where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to have accomplished. I’m basically just living this life God has given me the best way I know how to year after year.

ifeoma 2

  • Asides from the obvious, what other amazing talents do you possess?

I’m a pretty good dancer, an excellently imaginative daydreamer and I can sing along to songs I’ve never heard my entire life

  • How did you come to the realization that being a beauty and lifestyle influencer is what you want to do professionally?

Getting into the university, I noticed how some girls in my hostel would do anything to own the trendiest and most expensive items because they think that’s what fashion is all about and I wasn’t happy with that because I know very well that you do not always have to spend a fortune to look fashionable and wanted to share this knowledge and how to go about it and I chose blogging because I wanted to have an audience other than just the girls in my uni.

  • How do you deal with negative comments? Especially from people who believe being an influencer is not an actual profession?

Surprisingly I hardly ever get negative comments. I’m a pretty shy person so I don’t talk so much about owning a blog or being a fashion influencer rather people tell me how I’d make a good fashion blogger/influencer and when I say I am one they give good remarks but in life there would always be people who do not like you or believe in your craft and I pay no attention to them and hold nothing against them because I love what I’m doing and that’s all that matters.

  • Who would you consider as your greatest motivation?

  I’m actually my greatest motivation but if I’d say someone other myself in the fashion industry it will be Sara of HarperandHarley. She is doing something amazing with her blog, I love how she has been able to start her own brand and making global impact by becoming a household name in the blogosphere across the world.

ifeomma 6

  • A brief summary of your educational background?

  I attended Nazareth Nursery and Primary school in Lagos then proceeded to Federal Government Girls College Sagamu and now I’m currently studying chemistry at the University Of Lagos, Akoka.

  • What was growing up like for you?

Growing up the first of the two children born to Mr and Mrs Amadi has to be one of the best things God has blessed me with, I’ve never lacked anything from moral support, physical attention, major ass whooping, long motivational talks, material things etc since I was born till date because I’m still growing and thanks to these things I’ve turned out the person I am today with absolutely no regrets, I really won’t have it any other way.

  • What would you consider to be your biggest career and personal achievement so far?

It’s only a little over a year since I started this blogging journey and I’ve been able to work with some top notch brands like popular skincare brand OLAY where I got products worth over 200dollars and still got paid in dollars for the review. I remember watching one of my favorite bloggers Sade of inmysundaybest among others being interviewed on Spice TV and always said one day it will be me, now look who is here… ME!! Feels absolutely amazing, kind of like a dream come true.

  • How would you describe your fashion style?

Like I said earlier I’m a shy person so I’m a minimalist, always keeping it simple, clean basic but not so basic with my quirky twist from time to time.


Your best beauty and fashion hack?

    My favorite beauty hack has got to be applying coconut oil on my face before I sleep as it gives my face a good texture in the morning and having a good base to apply makeup on is the most important and when it comes to fashion my number one hack is making sure you buy clothes that fit just right as that automatically makes you look well put together and expensive.

Flash questions segment (your answer should be just one word)

  • What was the last thing you ate? Cake
  • Would you rather cut your hair or stop vlogging for life? Neither
  • When was the last time you had a Nigerian meal? Saturday
  • What’s your favourite cartoon show? None
  • Scandal or HTGAWM? HTGAWM


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