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#WCW – Pearl Thusi As She Reveals Her Story Of Abuse

“Many years later I comprehend the consequences of what my first love did and the man I chose to love thereafter. I realise how terrible it was and I wish my father’s ignorance and even my mother’s long suffering and patience didn’t normalise this behaviour for me.”

Although I had an “incredible father”, he was not a “good husband” and he did what he thought was best.

“I know he loves me, but with no proper example he ­repeated certain behaviours he had learned.

“My mother was convinced by all around her to stay, except myself. I begged her to leave until the day that she died,”


Those were the words of Pearl Thusi as she shares her story of abuse at The Mercury/Unilever Women’s Day Lunch at the Durban International Convention Centre. Pearl is our #WomanCrush because she joined a strong force of stakeholders who have pledged and committed to “say no to gender-based violence.


Pearl Thusi


Pearl Thusi is an international television and radio personality from South Africa, she was a keynote speaker at the Women Day Launch where she shared her powerful story about the abuse she witnessed as a child in her family, and the impact it had on her life as an adult.


The strong message that ­echoed during discussions at the lunch was for women to stop feeling “ashamed” and to step “out of the shadows” by sharing their stories.


Pearl Thusi


“I looked in that mirror and I wiped my tears and I said ‘I’ll be damned; this chain of abuse will break with me it ends with me,” Pearl said.


Further in the panel of discussion, top influencer women in South Africa urged women to start looking at themselves and take ownership for the men they raised. Still at the convention, thoughts on a solution-based initiative that affirms women were nurtured.


Pearl Thusi


Pearl is an actress, model, MC, radio personality, TV personality, businesswoman and a mother. Africa craves more voices like Pearl Thusi’s.



Pearl Thusi



Pearl Thusi

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