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#WCW | Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion blogger Sola Fagbemi

Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel blogger Sola Fagbemi is our #WCW of the week. She is also fashion entrepreneur and part time photographer. She is the founder of the self named blog Solafagbemi. Sola won our hearts with her sophomore collection of Ankara tops in 2015. The collection wasn’t just bare Ankara tops, but a version of the fashion trends in vogue at the time, with a touch of sas and edge. Either as a hobby or professionally, posting and writing about stuff we like in an essentially relatable style isn’t a talent possessed by many of us, but somehow Sola has converted her once “picture warehouse” into a blooming passion and a full time profession.


  • Tell us about yourself (a brief summary of your life )

I am Sola Fagbemi, a Fashion entrepreneur and blogger who is currently working as an assistant media officer at Centre for Communications Programs Nigeria. I studied International relations at Covenant University and graduated in 2015. I am also a part-time photographer and film maker.

  • Describe how you got into blogging and give a brief description of your blog

One day I thought to myself, ‘you have so many nice pictures and you just save them to your laptop, why don’t you just open a site where you have them uploaded?’ and that’s how I started blogging. However, since then, my blog has evolved from being my online picture warehouse to being an inspirational, style, interview and travel blog.


  • Tell us your best blog post, the inspiration behind it and why it is your best blog post

Mistakes I made in  2015”  is definitely my best blog post. I wrote it sometime in January 2016 and till today I still receive positive messages about the post. After reading Richard Branson’s post My greatest Failure I got inspired to look back at 2015 and think about the mistakes I made and valuable lessons I learnt from it.

  • What would you consider to be your proudest achievement?

Graduating University at 19, although I still look forward to returning back to school to attain a higher degree.

  • Is blogging to you a hobby or a profession? If you consider it a hobby; what do you see yourself doing professionally? If it is a profession what are your long-run goals and dream achievements in the field.

Blogging is a profession that I love and enjoy doing. My goals include, growing my influence and working with top brands in Nigeria and the world.

  • Who do you dream of featuring on your blog and why?

Zanita Zanita! She makes blogging look so effortless.


  • What is fashion to you? Who is your number one fashion inspiration?

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Lisa Folawiyo is definitely top of my list!

  • Tell us about your Ankara outfit revolution, the inspiration behind the collection and the names.


What prompted my decision to becoming a fashion entrepreneur was whenever I wore an outfit that I designed by me and custom tailored I always got questions from people about how they could get such outfits. The inspiration behind the names of the fabrics I work with come from friends and family that support me and my customers.



Flash questions segment

We asked Sola some flash questions and made her reply in just one word, but she kind of cheated on the first question.

  • First thing you do in the morning? Turn on my phones wifi (I switch it off just before I sleep, so no-one disturbs me).
  • One thing you would let yourself spurge on? Buying fabrics
  • Your guilty pleasure: Shopping
  • Something people don’t know about you? I dream of being a TV presenter someday.
  • Your beauty must have: Zaron eyebrow filler

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