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Wedding Dresses For All Body Types

You  do not want to be that ‘bridezilla‘ everyone dreads, the wedding planner can not have a decent conversation with you, you are definitely freaking out because you do not seem to have the slightest idea about what your wedding dress would look like.

Now while this doesn’t apply to everyone, it affects some, others have the perfect idea of a wedding dress but the real question is, “those that dress fit your figure?” Choosing dresses according to body type is a huge deal, while you might not see the need for this, we essentially think you need to opt for what suits you and makes your body look better and not bigger or fuller.

You definitely do not want to be that bride who commits a fashion faux pas on her big day, hence we have put together a list of wedding dresses for all body types.


some brides have this princess fairy tale wedding dress in mind, they have envisioned themselves since in kindergarten days how amazing they would look like in a ball gown while walking in hand with their prince charming. This story doesn’t end well for all, while a ball dress would look stunning on a size 8 and 10 it might not be the case for a size 16. The trick is to look slimmer and not bigger. If you have a slender body, a tomboyish structure, then this is your chance to look great. We are not saying a big size should not put on a ball dress we are saying something more figure hugging would look great on you.


As the name implies a mermaid dress would give you that mermaid look (if that doesn’t sound too cliche). The best feature about the mermaid dress is how well it suits almost all body types, plus size brides are advised to opt for a mermaid wedding dress, not only does it accentuate your figure more but it makes you look more hour glass than you should, giving you that slender figure from the knee down to the feet.


Were are the size 6 and 8 brides? get in here. Not every lady is blessed with hips, let’s admit that fact, but who said you can’t look like you have one. The A line asymmetric dress is the perfect dress for brides with slim figure. A size 14 or plus size bride can also jump on this train, it is not as voluminous as the ball gown is.


This is otherwise referred to as sheath, it is cut straight and follows the natural figure of the person, once again it suits a very petite bride and brides who are not so tall, it adds length and makes you appear slimer. Note a person who is really big in the top part should not attempt putting on this type of dress, an A line dress is preferable as it would make your figure appear balanced.


Last on our list is the trumpet dress type, this is perfect for the plus size brides, in fact all brides can pull this dress off with the right styling and accessories. This dress is form fitting until the knees, it has a joining which flows and shaped like a trumpet. If you want to look way better, ask the designer to cinch in the waist more, but you should be able to breath and move, you cant look so glammed up and stiff at the same time

There a lot of wedding dress styles, and they all based on these shapes provided above, it could be a high low dress, a short ball gown, an alter neck dress, what ever the case maybe it all made out of these shapes.

By: Utibe Ayi


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