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7 Fashion Tips For The Mother of the Bride

Grab a hat – Spring weddings are up, and while the Mother of the Bride may not be the one saying the vows on the day, she sure does gets her fair share of attention throughout the event – from the moment she steps inside the ceremony to when she is announced at the reception.

Hence, just like the bride, it’s important to consider one’s sartorial sensibilities and choose an outfit with precision – to create a look fitting of the ‘other’ most important woman on the day, that bride, groom and guests can admire with pride.


Want to exude elegance and beauty during your daughter’s white wedding? Here’s a little style advice from Team SPICE to take on board – the tips that’ll keep you from upstaging the bride while looking just as beautiful.

1. Shoes Matter


As the Mother of the Bride, you need to put your best food forward, and on the big day we mean stylishly speaking, from head to toe.

When it comes to shoes – the marking of a woman’s taste – go for something simple, yet classy; nothing too high, too blingy or overpowering – you want people to see you’ve great choice in footwear… but also notice the rest of your outfit.

An ankle-strapped shoe can make your legs look clunky, so elongate those legs with a pair that slip-on instead. You should also opt for a lightly coloured shoe, like a nude or silver pair, which are going to look completely classic and can be worn again past this special day.

The biggest tip though, asides aesthetics, is to consider comfort because you’re going to be doing a lot of meeting and greeting on the day, probably hitting the dance floor at some point too, where you want to ‘glide’ around effortlessly – not be seen nursing your feet somewhere besides a table. A cushioned insole for the arch and ball of your foot should have you covered, but it’s a good idea to buy your shoes at least three months before the wedding so you can try them on and wear them in (try wearing them around the house for a few days) before the big day.


Lastly, if you deicide to go for a peep toe – no harm in that look – but remember to get a great pedicure with a light, pretty or sheer colour, ditching the red nail look for this event altogether in order to keep your outfit looking ‘fresh’.

On shoes, Team SPICE recommends Anne Klein’s “Octavie”, N11,025 here.


2. Ditch those Pantyhose


So tights really aren’t very flattering, even if they are nude and precisely match your skin tone.

Instead of showing them off at this once-in-a-lifetime event, step out with confidence and wear your legs bare – with a a tiny bit of grooming pre-event, you’ll be fine. In fact, you’ll probably look great.

To avoid feeling conscious, shave, wax or de-hair with a hair removal cream a day before the event. And if it’s spider veins or discolouration that’s got you worried? Simply slather on a little bit of tinted body moisturiser, which will play discolouration down and add definition to the shape of your legs.


For a total pick-me-up for legs, why not even book in for a skin treatment at your favourite spa? Though you can always DIY one at home using Benice Hair Remover Women Instant Pain Free Hair Removal Body Shaver Trimmer (, ₦ 4,500) here and a toning body lotion like Olay’s, N5,500 here.

3. Firm Up with the Right Underwear

2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Most breasts are in need of a helping hand to look their firmest and fit well under clothes, especially after childbirth and with ageing. And wearing the right bra is fundamental to finishing a perfect outfit, so you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing your best one on the day of the wedding.

The wrong-sized bra could ruin the overall look, no matter how expensive or beautiful the ensemble, so you should start by ensuring you know your  correct cup and strap size before you purchase a new one. You should also note that bras age over time too – stretching with wear and from being washed – so you might want to do an audit of what’s currently in your closet, head to the lingerie department and ask a member of staff to assist you in being measured and fitted for a new bra.


For most styles of dresses, a strapless corset bra will be a great investment, since you won’t have any straps on show and they also work to provide a firm looking silhouette from the waist up. Try this one from Brief Essentials, N4500 here.

4.  Avoid Matchy-Matchy Jewels


Matching your jewels is has long been revered as a measure of adding sophistication, but while wearing jewellery is a perfect way to add finishing touches to your look, matching necklaces to earrings, rings and bracelets is now an outdated approach.

Instead, one should pair a statement necklace with small earrings, or go solely with a statement pair of earrings.


In mature women, the neck and chest become some of the most beautiful parts the body and should be highlighted – though not with an overwhelmingly large neckpiece, as those too have had their day.


We at SPICE like Nubian Smiles’ Stone Chandelier Earrings, N2,395 here and these golden drop earrings, £8 here


5. Go with the Clutch


You are the Mother of the Bride, attending your child’s wedding – you are not going shopping, nor are you going for a business meeting, so you do not need anything too conspicuous or elaborate in your arms when a simple, small clutch should suffice.

The bag choice for the occasion, clutches come in all varieties – from beaded to box clutches, or leather styles – so you can find one to suit your ensemble and take it as an alternative to a handbag.

Simply ensure it is just about big enough to contain you keys, mobile phone, credit card and maybe some mints, and why not have fun complimenting the colour with that of your shoes as well? Just don’t go matching them completely, because that’s also a dated look…


We’re loving this nude clutch, £25 here

6. Keep it Short but Chic


It’s 2016 and definitely okay for the Mother of the Bride to wear a short dress to her daughter’s wedding, so long as she keeps it classy.

The usual go to are skirt suits or mid-calf dresses, but just be wary that these will draw attention to the calves, which are one the thickest parts of a woman’s leg and not necessarily the most flattering.

Instead, be brave and go for something a couple of inches above the knee – but just note that if you are wearing something short, you do not want to pair this with very high heels. A three or four-inch heel will suffice.


We SPICE love Marchesa’s “Notte” floral-embroidered tulle mini dress, £875 here and nearly everything we’ve seen in House of Deola’s “Komole Kandids” collections.


7. Cover up in Style


A sleeveless dress is another great option for confident Mother of the Brides, however, if you’re going for this look but are conscious of untoned areas, you can cover it up with a fancy little shrug, scar, shawl or light jacket, like Oscar de la Renta’s Spring’16 version £1720 here.

Many dresses come with matching shawls, so if possible, go for one of those else you can find a coverup cheaply from high street outlets like New Look who do this stylish one for just £9.99.


If on the other hand you wish to cover your arms without wearing a jacket or using a shawl, just choose a dresses with a lace or chiffon sleeve, which will elegantly cover over your arms without making you too hot and uncomfortable.


But what are your top tips? Share your style pointers for Mother of the Bride here below, or tell us who you think has nailed the occasion online by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA.

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