Monday, October 2, 2023

Top Outfit Ideas For The Weekend

It is the weekend!! this is the most anticipated public holiday of the week. As much as you love your job, you deserve a break to treat yourself nice and also refuel for the coming week.

It is also not a secret that most people would also be having meetings pertaining to work this weekend. So how do you look chic, fab, casual and still look very much official on a weekend?

Take a look at some outfit ideas as we know you rely on us for fashion advise.

Ripped Jeans

This is a trend we do not forecast its extinction anytime soon, as you can go from minimal to maximum, whatever works for your personality there is a pair of ripped jeans for you.

outfit inspiration for friday

Play suit

It’s fun, chic, and very versatile, you could throw on a Chantilly lace play suit which adds a lot of femininity to your everyday look and it would definitely give you that weekend feel.

outfit inspiration for friday
Flat Sandals

Youve had sore toes through out the week with all those stilettos you had to wear for court and board meetings, well this is the perfect time to let your feet breath and bounce back for the week ahead. Throw on a pair of flat sandals, it could be gladiators or whatever works, it is comfortable, super chic and also stylish.

outfit inspiration for friday

Mens shorts

You can finally let the lags out, the only time you get to wear shorts to work is almost never, so why not jump on the perfect excuse to put on a pair of shorts this weekend. We hear ladies love it(thank us later)

mens shorts


Leather Slippers

They are not only super stylish but they are classy and say a lot about a mans general appearance(make you sure you have a proper pedicure before putting this on)


outfit inspiration for friday

Gingham Top

Who would have thought that Nigerian Boarding house school uniforms would become a trend in 2017. Gingham tops are a most have this season as you can not go wrong in any pair of gingham outfit.

outfit inspiration for friday


Asides from protecting your eyes against sun rays, sunglasses are very stylish accessories. They also say a lot about a person. Are an Anna Wintour kind of sunglasses person, or you like to role with the cool kids while throwing on a Kendell Jenner kind of glasses. Whatever you choose, make sure it is what you are most comfortable in.

mens sunglasses

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