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What Bella Hadid, Winnie Harlow and Maya Jama Are Saying About Their Hair

Celebrated personalities all over the world are bound to alter some bits of their appearance periodically. This naturally comes with the job and the entire glam life they live. Fans are however found lurking around the possibilities of looking like their celebrated figures and thats why they just have to keep it hundred!


Certain beauty products, tips and hacks have remained the reason behind your favourite Tv girl’s glow. For a minute we are going to deviate from the cliché of “what is the secret behind your beauty” to feast on some tips and hacks these people customarily practice to stay ageless in our eyes.



Celebrity Hair Tip Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

“A tight bun or ponytail is always my go-to hair – I like to keep my hair out of my face, especially when I’m working because it’s easy and I don’t have to think about it. My secret? A lot of hairspray. And a lot of gel. I used to use my brother’s mousse that he used on his hair, so I stole it and he’s probably mad at me that I did that.”


Celebrity Hair Tip Winnie Hallow

Winnie Harlow

“The one product that I swear by is Three Sisters of Nature Sweet Honey Rose Treatment. It’s a deep conditioner and it smells like candy. I swear, if you get this and you smell it you will never want to buy another deep conditioner because it smells that good. I’ve started using it as a leave-in conditioner as it softens my hair, smells amazing and it’s good for defining my curls. If you add a tiny bit of gel on top it really tames your hair when it dries.”

Celebrity Hair Tip Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

“I use Serge Normant’s shampoo and conditioner always – that’s the truth and if you went to my hotel bathroom right now you’d be like: ‘She’s not kidding!’ He also has a really great mask that I try to use in the summer when I’m not working as much. I use his Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray which I go crazy for because I don’t have the skills to really do hair.”

Celebrity Hair Tips Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

“I really do take care of my hair, even more than my face. Because you have to if you’re a blonde. It’s a funny story actually because Blake, my boyfriend, has a ranch in Oklahoma, and the water there is like, out of a well. I said: ‘Ok I guess we’re going to have to break up if you don’t put soft water into the system because I’m not going to have any hair anymore…’ I mean, it’s gonna break! So we just got the soft water, and I was like, hallelujah!” 

Celebrity Hair Tip Maya Jama

Maya Jama

“I straighten my hair a lot, so I try to do hair masks to combat the damage. I do a homemade one that’s olive oil with an egg cracked into it and manuka honey. Put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds so it gets warm, paste it all over your hair, put a plastic bag over it and tie it tight, then the humidity in there helps it sink in. After a couple of hours – or sleep in it if you can though it gets a bit messy – you can wash it off and your hair is super shiny.”

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