Saturday, March 2, 2024

What I Wore: Bella Adeleke

We debut our new column, What I Wore, this week with Bella Adeleke – a creative mind, amazing stylist and founder of trendy T-shirt line, Mr Garbe, which is a must-have for all street style rockers.

Beautiful dresser Bella is sharing her 7-day style diary with us, and we are sharing it with you. Be prepared to want to go shopping…

FINAL  copy

“I work in retail part time and I always have to be in black. I always try to brighten up my outfit with either a white shirt or bright-hued shoes.”

day 2

“I am always on the move so I like to be comfortable. I saw someone still had their Xmas tree up and I thought this would make a nice prop.”

day 3

“I was meeting up with mates for a quick drink and this was a last minute ensemble that came out pretty nicely.”

day 4

“This is a selfie because I was at work with a client – whilst she popped into the changing room to try on the pieces I’d picked out, I thought I’d take a cheeky selfie.”

day 5

“I love love love the ‘mom’ jeans from Topshop as they fit my frame so well and go with anything. I teamed it up with my old faithful Asos knit jacket and loafers.”

day 6

“I was on my way out for drinks and it was old school hip hop night. To get in free, you had to be in all black so I decided to rock up in this gear. In my mind I really thought I was Aaliyah for the night.”

day 7

“It was yet another special occasion as a friend of mine was moving back to China. I decided to wear this jumpsuit, which I absolutely love as it works so well as a transition outfit and the back is just to die for.”

Image source: Bella Adeleke

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