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What is the Okafor’s Law?

So there is this law that states that a man is allowed to get back sexually with an ex he has had sex with, especially if he did an amazing job satisfying her sexual desires while they were together.

The Okafor’s law as it is notoriously called has to be one of the most absurd but yet intriguing “unspoken sex code” we have heard in a while.

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So there’s a science to this madness refereed to as the “Okafors law of Congo dynamics”
C1+P = C∞

It states that once a Congo has been shined once (C1), it can always be shined (C∞) provided it was shined properly (P) the previous times.

In scientific circles, opinion is divided as to whether it is actually a law or just a hypothesis. There is a large body of evidence to suggest that it is a law but there are others who think it is merely a hypothesis and does not take into account other variables such as M (marital status), O (opportunity) and F (Financial status) of either one or both of the parties.

So let us assume that you were in relationship or situationship with this mind blowing, meatstick, who knows your body almost more than you do, did everything right blah.. blah.. blah.. but you eventually fall apart and move on. Fast forward to months or years after, you are happily single or you are with someone else and your life seems like it is on the right track. Then your past meatstick decides to resurface and tries to get with you, because of course “The Okafor’s law” permits him to.


But then again, there is another theory that claims that the reason these women find it hard to resist their meatstick is because of his so called incredible bedmatic skills and shared emotions. Coming from this angle we can agree that this is true because of feelings involved, especially if the relationship was on for a long time.

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However, there are some unanswered rhetoric questions that haven’t been addressed. The first being that, Is this so called “Pum Pum Right ” fair on the other party, especially if they are vulnerable or in a relationship with someone else? Secondly, should anyone ever feel like they have the right to lay a claim on your body because they know your weakness?

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