Saturday, April 1, 2023

‘When I moved back to Nigeria, being with Family and realised I Like It’ – Tokini Peterside | SPICE Asks

Her Twitter bio that reads:
‘Founder of TP-Collective, building businesses like @ArtXLagos @Maki_Oh & @ALARALagos. Formerly #MissMoetHennessy Still the #HonourableMinisterofEnjoyment’

Learn more about Tokini Peterside, a young lady making her mark on the African art and creative scene, after making the decision to leave a comfortable job at Moet and Hennessy to launch her own business, which she confirms has been one of the biggest challenges in her life in this edition of SPICE Asks.

More highlights from the clip?
– She loves chocolate.
– She loved French as a subject while in school
– ‘I wear heels by force but i I could I’d wear flats (or) trainers all the time’
– Last movie she saw ‘500 days of Summer’
– She cries ‘all the time.’
– ‘I think sometimes I am psychic’

Here is a quick candid catch up with Founder and Director of TP-Collective and ART x LAGOS, Tokini Peterside.

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