Monday, June 5, 2023

Who is Mrs. Springlet?

Bonang picture is all for illustration

Mrs Springlet is a unique creation, gifted only to people with distinctive characteristics and Beautiful features. She is someone most bearers would joyfully spend hours grooming and nurturing. Mrs Springlet is the one castigated by those who were not lucky enough to be gifted by her grace. She is the one considered as black and pale, tacky and unkempt, Unprofessional and dull.

Mrs Springlet played a major role in the 60s to make an important revolutionary statement. To start an unending movement, she symbolized the move towards integration in the political system, yearning for power and nationalism. Mrs Spriglet is an important part of the spiritual, intimate and physical acceptance of our different individual features.

Mrs Springlet has been used to judge people, often Questioning their social norms and sense of belonging in the society. Mrs Springlet was one of the contrivances used to attain the successes of the civil right movement, the black power and pride movements of the 60s and 70s. She is the voice… the voice of a million and one.

Mrs Springlet is an outstanding factor of black pride. Mrs Springlet is the true definition of pure undiluted, uniqueness and beauty. Mrs Springlet brought about the catch phrase “black is beautiful” Irrespective of power and recognition, Mrs Springlet is still perceived to be an outcast, a flag of civil rebellion.

She strives to be accepted and embraced by the world.

Mrs Springlet is a type 4a, 4b, and 4c. Kinky wiry (I) and kinky wiry (ii). She is black 1, black 2, black 4, brown, caramel or gold. Chaka khan, Diana Ross, India Arie, Solange Knowles, Lenny kravitz, Chimanda Adichie, Tracee Ellis Ross, Adesua Etomi, Mae jemison, Durlan Cunha, Nneka, Asa, Pearl Thusi, Donald Glover…  are all lovers of Mrs springlet. Proud beautiful lovers.

Mrs Springlet is my Afro textured hair, my nappy hair, my “napptural” hair, my woolly hair, my kinky hair, my revolutionary hair. Call it whatever puts a smile on your face. Mrs Springlet is my natural volumized hair… My cotton texture hair. My adorable curls.  My uniqueness. My identity. Mrs Springlet is made of black.

Mrs Springlet is my pride.

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