Thursday, February 2, 2023

Who Should Really Be On The Front Row Of Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is a big deal, apart from the catwalk shows that the designers secretly anticipate and all the trends fashionistas can not wait to show case on the street style, the front row is a big deal. There is a lot of persons with the illusion that you either sit on the front row or you go home.

anna wintour on the front row of fashion week, maryam salam, simi esisri on the front row of fashion week,

Nowadays designers are not just interested in the collection they are about to present but they have a lot of interest on who actually sits on the front row to see their collections being showcased. As much as family and friends would love to be the only persons on the front row at fashion week, designers need more than that to actually make head lines.

Imagine a front row with key persons like Tiwa savage, Alexa Chung, Noami Campbell, all these persons watching a collection, this gives the designer a lot of press voice, most times celebrities tend to sit at the middle of the runway so as to enable photographers take power shots of them all at once.

anna wintour on the front row of fashion week, maryam salam, simi esisri on the front row of fashion week,

Celebrities should not be the only persons at the FROW, when selecting people to sit on the front row of a fashion show you need to put a lot of things into consideration, you have to first consider the number of sits in the front row, then guestimate how many should actually go to key Celebrities, Media personnel, retailers, Friends of the brand, fashion journalists and bloggers. All these persons mentioned are as important as fashion week itself.

It is important for designers not to get carried away with all the celebrities on the front row of their presentation, although some of these designers pay these celebrities to pledge alliance to their brand and also make an appearance for their brand, there’s need for a balance.

The place of fashion journalists, fashion bloggers, Key fashion Industry personnel is underestimated, and this question is raised, Who documents all the pieces you are showcasing asides from the videographers? Who writes about the intricate detailing of your collection, who makes the world to know all the background story behind your collection?

Most times Fashion Journalists and Magazines editors are not given the sit they deserve which is at the end of the front row close to the photographers where models make their pivot, this gives them more time to analyze the clothes properly. Anna Wintour, Simi Esiri, Alexa Chung, Maryam Salam and their likes are key figures that need to be at the front row of every fashion week.

In anticipation of all the fashion weeks ahead, it is advisable to be certain of the caliber of persons on the front row of fashion week.

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