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Why Aphrodisiac Meals Are Nature’s Gift to Man

It is basic knowledge that relationships suffer different highs and lows no matter how crazy in love the couples are. We have various websites and relationship articles dishing out advice on how to get your partner back. Majority of these articles are heavy on advises like, “spicing things up in the bedroom”, which is undeniably a good advice and helps heal the sores of relationships.

But what happens when your libido has sunk all the way to the bottom of the deep blue sea? With little or no enthusiasm towards reviving it, getting down and kinky with your partner becomes an uninteresting duty, instead of the once crazy couple draw to one another, by the magnetic forces of attraction, that made it impossible to keep your hands off each other.

Now this could spell doom for any relationship. So to keep the boat rocking, how about you try out foods that improve and stimulate sexual desire?

/afre’dtziak/ Aphrodisiac – A food, drink or other things that stimulate sexual desire.

Aphrodisiac foods are nature’s gift to man, with one of their sole purpose being to stimulate sexual desire and increase Libido. These foods contain chemicals that stimulate genital sensitivity and response like vaginal lubrication, clitoral swelling and heart rate (response to sexual urges) etc. They also amplify sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, putting you in the mood for a steamy copulation session with your partner (Yes I just said copulation!). For those who are not familiar with the art of aphrodisiac meals, some examples of these foods are: Banana, Vanilla, Celery, Avocado, Chili peppers (crazy right? I thought so too), Honey, Chocolate, Carrot, watermelon, coffee, seafood, etc.

Let us take a brief look at some of them.

Red chili pepper

Name a more perfect spice, perfect enough to literally heat things up between you and your partner behind closed doors. None right? I thought so too. Red chilli pepper is one of world’s most popular aphrodisiac, its discovery dating back two centuries. This fiery spice stimulates endorphin (the brain’s feel-good chemicals), which imitates arousal-like symptoms, increases heart rate and sweating.


Asides from being a sexually suggestive fruit, bananas are amazing aphrodisiacs. Why? you ask. Because bananas contain Bromelain which triggers the production of testosterone’s in the body. They also contain potassium and vitamin B, which elevate energy levels. Bananas can be infused in salads, shakes, smoothies, or eaten alone.


Is there anything this golden dose of awesomeness isn’t good for? Ever heard of the saying, “When in doubt use honey”? Honey contains Boron, which regulates estrogen and testosterone. Also, honey is widely known as a natural energy booster.


What better reason could you possibly have, that allows you eat as many of one of the best things that ever happened to mankind, without necessarily feeling guilty? Amazing!!! I know right. Chocolates are a Yes Yes anytime, anywhere. Chocolates contain dopamine, which induces attraction, motivation and of course pleasure. They are considered one of the best Aphrodisiacs around. If you haven’t been digging into these lovelies, you sure should give them a try today.


Asides the fact that red in watermelon is an apt representation of the color of love, the amazing taste and the zero percent presence of fat in it endears people. Watermelon contains Citruline which helps to relax blood vessels. Citruline has Viagra like effects. Watermelon is also known to prevent erectile dysfunction.


Avocado contains vitamin E which increases energy level and youthfulness. it can be added to your salads, made as a smoothie or shake, or just eaten plain.


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 2.06.39 PM
The sexy, seductive, erotic, romantic smell of vanilla is enough to get anybody in the mood. Dating back to the 1700’s, vanilla has been used as a potent aphrodisiac recommended by physicians to ensure male potency. In 1762, not less than 300 impotent men were changed into active lovers after drinking vanilla concoctions. Can I get an Amen please?

To close with, for couples and partners who haven’t been in the mood lately, lost their sexual drive as a result of the hassle and bustle of adult life or any other personal reasons, and find themselves struggling to keep their Libido high, Aphrodisiac foods are a good way to start a new journey into awakening your sexual urges. They help to bring you and your partner close emotionally, and more importantly here, intimately. I wish you all the steamy and sensational results that come with the post-consumption effects of aphrodisiac foods.

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