Monday, October 2, 2023

Why Being Single This Valentines Isn’t A Bad Thing

It’s that time of the year again and single people can almost not catch a break from all the love and affection that will be in the air on Valentine’s Day. First of all, being single is not the end of the world sweethearts. Secondly we seriously advice that you don’t let the pressure of being without a partner leave you feeling gloomy and sad, the truth is sometimes you just have to be by yourself for the sake of self discovery or just until you find the right person. Settling for less is always going to be a No no on so many levels.




This season of love should be about being grateful for what you have and sharing your love with people who are deserving of it, including yourself. You cannot know how to love someone else if you don’t even love yourself, so spoil yourself this valentine, because nobody can love you like you would. Spend time with your loved ones if you don’t feel like being alone, and if not you can also show the less privileged some love.

Well if the above still hasn’t cheered you up, then we give you some more reasons why being single this Valentine isn’t a bad thing.




  1. It is economical

You get to spurge your savings on you, yourself, and YOU. You have all your money to yourself to do whatever you please and not worry about splitting it to get a partner a gift.

  1. No romance drama

This has to be the best part of being single this valentine is that you are free from the whole tension that comes with the day. No Shopping, planning, high expectations and all the other stress that comes with Valentines.

  1. Unlimited freedom

You don’t have to report to anyone when you are single, well asides your parents and that is if you still live with them. Go for event, hang out with your single friends, have the best holiday ever and not be bothered about what anyone has to say because you own yourself and belong to yourself.

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