Sunday, October 1, 2023

Why We Love Courtney Adeleye

What’s not to love about success stories? Especially the ones the founders never thought will grow into a multi-million dollar company.

Courtney Adeleye probably never envisaged that she would become a hair care manufacturer, but a bad hair coloring experience drove her to find her one true calling. After being faced with the horrors of damaged hair, she began mixing different ingredients in her kitchen trying to find what works best for her hair.

mane choice


The former nurse wasn’t on her own through this process, she began to document her hair journey on YouTube and it was only natural for millions of women to follow her, especially black women who are often faced with the challenge of finding the right hair care products for their hair.

Her hobby soon began profitable when women started writing her to start selling her hair care products. She started small in her apartment 5 years ago, and then moved to a warehouse, she outgrew the warehouse and then moved to a bigger one. Sales were skyrocketing, the reviews were positive and a lot of women were satisfied with the products.


mane choice by courtney adeleye


What sets Courtney Adeleye’s Mane Choice brand apart has to be the fact that she has been natural for nearly a decade, and samples the products on her own hair before dishing it out to the public. Mane Choice has produced popular products like deep hydration pre-poo, moisturizing body washes, hair growth vitamins, and products for kids.  The business made a whooping 6.5 million dollars in sales last year.

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