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#WIW: Cindy’s Paris Fashion Week Style Diary

Paris Fashion Week saw the streetstyle fall into three camps: the all black/dark-wearing locals who braved the weather like stylish, sleek shadow puppets; the low-key thrift-shopping youths, still chic with their exotic accents and all that je ne sais quoi; and the brightly clad fash pack who stepped out in prints and all the colours of du jour – a group mostly comprised of international press and bloggers.

During my stay I definitely dipped into all but one bracket (I can’t imagine ever wearing black head to toe) while on ground for SPICE – lingering on pavements and stopping the best-dressed individuals to talk about their style.

Below is a quick look at some of what I wore during my stay in Paris, though with all the unfavourable weather and walking to do, my style was mainly about keeping warm and as comfortable as can be (sorry!). See how that brief came about in my outfits, below…


En route

Travelling to Paris I kept things easy with a loose-fit pair of jeans, tight knit poloneck and soft mac. I also brought my travel essentials: messy hair that doesn’t mind getting messier during long journeys and a comfortable pair of flats. Though my loafers were suede and not that suitable for rainy climes, they sold themselves to me with their slip on, slip off-ness. I’m a sucker for no fuss footwear…


On y va!

It became apparent that there’d be a lot of travelling about the city to do, so footwear kind of became a ‘thing’. I opted for my ridiculously comfortable cleated sole sandals, which I think I wore almost every day I was in Paris. I have zero regrets and love that they brought a bit of grunge to all of my looks.



For my first day on screen, the rain seemed to be competing with the wind. Brightening up an otherwise murky day, I wore a bold wool coat with cocoon sleeves, clashing poloneck and ‘mom’ jeans with my cleated gladiators. I added some “Funky Offish” vibes with some gold ghetto hoops and the brightest lipstick I had with me, and needless to say, I don’t think anyone mistook me for a Parisian…


Of course it had to be a french manicure...
And of course it had to be a french manicure…


On pied

On another busy day on foot around the city, I came prepared for the cold with a fine knit polo neck, leather panel skirt with draw string, a long, leather sleeved baseball jacket, my cleated soles and some simple silver jewellery. My bucket-style back pack was another life-saving essential for carrying all the miscellaneous items I needed during the day.

Paris streets


Au Revoir

Travelling back from Paris after a production-packed stay, I wore another loose-fitting mac, high-waisted skinnies, a monochrome pair of loafers and a simple tee. Not that you can see much of that in this shot. You’ll just have to trust it was all there and that I had an amazing time in Paris. Until next time mes amis…


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