Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Woman Crush Wednesday: Amilna Estevao

Meet our Woman Crush Wednesday, an African beauty who is a Model. It comes as no surprise that the 18-year-old Angolan model, who spent much time at the beach growing up, is comfortable in a swimsuit. But she’s also embraced a more tomboyish aesthetic now that she has short hair, and keeps it simple when it comes to summer beauty and style. However, she names the always-confident Naomi Campbell as her ultimate inspiration.

When did you first think about becoming a model?

It was when I was 14 years old.

Were there models that you were a fan of as a child?

Yes! I really liked Candice Swanepoel and Naomi Campbell because they are such incredible women.

Were you nervous at the Elite Model Look competition? What was that experience like?

I was really nervous, because it was my first time facing a lot of people whose eyes were on me and supporting what I was doing onstage. It was an amazing experience and I met new people while learning a lot of new things about who I am.

Which job that you’ve had was the first time you felt like you had really made it as a model?

It was when I saw the cover that I did for the New York Times’ T Magazine last year, by Craig McDean.

Do people recognise you on the street when you go home to Angola?

Yes, they always recognise me, but I feel shy because I feel almost too much love from them, even though I’m just starting and still young!

Which fashion week is most fun?

The most fun is the whole spring/summer fashion season. I feel like you can enjoy everything more because of the better weather, and I love all of the cities then because I’m doing what I love to do in beautiful places.

Do you prefer a one-piece bathing suit or a bikini? A hat or sunglasses? Jean shorts or a dress?

I prefer bikinis, sunglasses, and jean shorts.

What’s your favourite bathing suit right now and why?

My favourite bathing suit is one from Hermes that I just got as a gift. I love the color, which is a wonderful black and orange. It goes with my skin tone!

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to be comfortable and cool, and dress a little bit boyish because of my haircut. I usually just throw some jeans on top of some sneakers or boots.

Who are your beauty and style icons?

I really idolise  Naomi Campbell. I think she’s an inspiration for a lot of people, and I think she has a strong and amazing personality. I also really love Candice Swanepoel, as well. She’s amazing and has a beautiful and strong face…and I love her figure!

What was your most recent purchase for your summer wardrobe?

I love to carry bags of all different colors. You can wear very simple pieces, but carry a cute bag to give off some chic vibes.

What do you wear for a night out in the summer?

For a night out in the summer, I like to dress more sexy and simple, with some high heels sandals and a mini dress. For me, this look is perfect. I also love to wear sunglasses, even during night time just to give more swag, hah!



Interview gotten from W Magazine and  Paper

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