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Woman Crush Wednesday: Ariyike Akinbobola


It’s woman crush wednesday!! yah we are excited to say that our Woman Crush Wednesday is a rare Gem and a person worth celebrating, Award winning Tv Host, M.C, Lawyer, youtube partner, Youth Councillor, Humanitarian, Author, Mum and Wife. Drum Role!!!!!!!! We would love to say our Woman Crush Wednesday is no other person than Ariyike Akinbobola. Born 25th April 1982, she is the fifth of six children of Mojeed Adewale and Ladun Lawal (née Ojutalayo), she is of Yoruba descent.


Our Woman Crush for today has love for entertainment which began when she was a little child. She and her siblings used to play dress up and choreograph musical performances at family functions. She attended Federal Home Science Primary School, Ikoyi, Lagos where she was a member of the Brownies Society and when she got into high school at Queen’s College, Lagos,

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She was a constant face on stage at variety shows and school award ceremonies. Due to her jovial and friendly nature, she won the award for ‘Miss Friendly’ for her class, during their class of 1998 final year award night. Afterwards, she proceeded to the University of Lagos, Akoka to study Law.

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We celebrate her character, drive to work and commitment to family. we say thumbs up to Ariyike Akinbobola, you definitely rock.

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Catch her on all new episode of On The Couch this Sunday on ONTV at 9PM (W.A.T).



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