Sunday, March 26, 2023

Would You Rather Have Money Or Respect?

Eminem wanted to be famous when he was almost famous, he did that when he got his last chance to be and we think he sang his way through that. He wasn’t careful when he wished for fame but at least he got both fame and money. Now, would you trade fame/respect for Money or Vice versa? Chill out and think for a bit, don’t just trade everything for anything, if you think money is everything or respect is everything, which would you rather have? Hey, we are not here to judge, whatever is applicable to you please choose, but remember there are always consequences for every decision we make. Think before you lick the blades of your chain saw. Just like Eminem, be careful what you wish for. See the clip of this episode of Fashion 360 below and tell us what your choice is  HERE.

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