Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Would You Wear Thrifted or Brand New?

“So disgusting! How could you even put on a dress from a thrift store? I know It’s Balenciaga, but am so sorry I rather save and get me a new one.”

Balencia dress
Balenciaga dress

It seems so many persons have their take on this topic. Buying a brand new luxury fashion item can be an uphill task especially if your living a life on a budget. This chanel bag costs 28000 dollars, yes 280000 dollars you did not read the figures wrongly.

Chanel bag
Chanel bag

Wouldn’t you opt for the same bag at a thrift store for less than go for brand new? Thats a lot of money, of course if you can afford it then just go ahead. You walk into a thrift store and see a Balenciaga dress that costs 1175 dollars for half the price it should have been, will you say to yourself, ‘I can’t get this because it has already been worn I better go get me a new one’.

We would love to know your take on this topic.
Would you rather wear thrifted or Brand new? Let us know your take on this.

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