Tuesday, October 3, 2023

YGI: The amusing, sympathetic answers to the intricate Relationship Questions.

We are faced with innumerable issues that pertains to our Careers, Finances, Marriages, e.t.c in our Day-to-Day activities. Sometimes, we are surrounded by people who aide us in going through this situations, sometimes we are not. Most persons are faced with the difficulty of expressing how they feel to friends and relatives.

Are you currently going through those issues you are afraid to talk about? Are you always paranoid and sceptical about sharing your personal struggles, as you lack trust? Then, You Got Issues is here to aide your walk through this phase of life. In this new episode of You Got Issues, Idia Aisein is joined by two life coaches and relationship counsellors to discuss the topic Relationships.


‘If you are dating a man and he clearly says no he cannot marry you, you are wasting your time, you are Mrs. Right now and not Mrs. Right. Basically, what he is doing is you’re his experiment for his lifetime, he is using you to learn and prepare himself for the right person’. – Pastor Jimmy Odukoya.

‘At the end of the day, having sex is to procreate. Yes! You have fun but what is the aim of it? You get pregnant! So when you are having sex you should have realised that the chances or the probability of you getting pregnant will be very high’. – Pastor Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun 


Join Pastor Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun and Pastor Jimmy Odukoya as they tackle questions relating to relationship issues.


They both give their advice on how these issues can be resolved. Catch the all new episode of You Got Issues on Saturdays at 19:00 WAT.


Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. Send in your questions so we may help you go through that life issue. Send in your questions to ygi@myspice.tv. Add us on all our social media platforms @Spicetvafrica.


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