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YGI|Is The Society Hard On Women?

In today’s modern world, were feminism has become controversial, a lot of argument has been centered around the concept of feminism. No one can be in denial that women have had a better say in recent times than few decades ago, but is that enough?

Women are faced with a lot of challenges that we often times do not know about, a lot of pressure are put on women by both genders, and often times nothing is done about it especially in third world countries.

Notwithstanding, men are also faced with a lot of challenges, from trying to man up to responsibilities so that the society doesn’t see you as a wimp to hiding your emotions just because you have to be a man. When a man is raped or assaulted, very little is said about it, because he is a man and he should man up.

There are more homeless men than women and more women in school than men but we would like to think that these doesn’t apply to every part of the world. Irrespective of all the responsibilities the society puts on the shoulders of men, is it safe to say that men also undergo as much hardship as women do.

Women have to be conscious all the time, if you are raped, you are asked, “what did you have on, it was your outfit that enticed the man”, but men rape girls of 7 years old and it leaves us wondering if these girls clothing enticed the man.

With all the organizations set up to protect mostly women than men, women are still faced with the harsh treatment from the society, the assumptions of society, if you are rich and working, your source of income is from a man, if you are poor and not working then you are worthless, if you are beautiful and working you need to be above average to be relevant whereas the man is often times below average and still gains much more respect than the woman would.

Men and Women are both relevant to the society but can we say that these same society were the woman is suppose to help nurture is more hard on her than a man?


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