Wednesday, September 27, 2023

You Got Issues: All About Skin Care with Leslie Okoye and Dr. Awudu Osigbeme

Hey, I have had stretch marks on my body parts (breast, thighs, waist) since I was thirteen. Now I am 22, I feel so uncomfortable with my body. I cannot wear clothes that expose those areas. Is there any way I can get rid of them? I need to feel sexy and comfortable with my body.

The best Skin Care Experts on this episode of You Got Issues, our host Idia Aisien, is joined by Leslie Okoye (CEO Cookie Skin) and Dr. Audu Osigbeme (CEO Laserderm Clinic) as they discuss different issues pertaining to Skin care. ‘You Got Issues’ airs on Spice TV Africa on DStv channel 190 and GOtv channel 28 on Saturdays 19:00 (W.A.T), repeating every Monday 22:30 (W.A.T), Tuesday 17:00 (W.A.T) and Fridays 15:00 (W.A.T)

See pictures from the set of this episode below:

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