Monday, October 2, 2023

You Got Issues: Physical Health Edition

Hey, I have been trying to loose my belly fat for a while now. I have tried everything from crunches, planks to sit ups but rather than my belly reducing it is getting bigger. It looks more like having abs on a big belly. I am confused. What can I do?


Join Idia Aisien and a team of experts, Adura Odesanya and Obinna Udor both Physical Health experts as they discuss on issues related to physical health and fitness. Brand New Episode of You Got Issues airing on Spice TV Dstv channel 190 and Gotv channel 28 Every Saturdays 19:00 (W.A.T), repeating every Monday 22:30(W.A.T), Tuesday 17:00(W.A.T) and Fridays 15:00(W.A.T). You can also send in your questions pertaining to Relationship, Career, Health and lots more. Remember a problem shared is a problem half solved.

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