Friday, January 27, 2023

You Got Issues: To Be a Small Chops or Not

“Anytime I complain about our relationship being based on sexual gratification, he gets angry and reassures me of his love for me”. On this New Episode of ‘You Got Issues’, Idia Aisien alongside Bollylomo and Sharon Ooja discuss several issues in relationship, love and sex.

One of the questions is from a lady who complains to her supposed ‘Boy friend’ about their relationship being based on sexual gratification, he flairs up and begins to reassure her of his love for her. Sharon Ooja’s response is one to look out for. Another lady sends in her question saying “My boy friend’s testosterone is on another level. I try to satisfy him in the best possible way but I feel it’s never enough. To amend this, I decided to give him a hall pass to satisfy his sexual needs, Am I right or wrong on this?’ Sigh! We know you already have your thoughts. Would the hall pass help her boyfriend’s testosterone level? Find out when you tune into Spice TV Africa DStv channel 190 on Saturdays by 7pm [W.A.T] and repeat episodes on Monday 10pm [W.A.T]. Repeats also on Tuesdays 5pm [W.A.T] and Fridays 3pm[W.A.T].




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