Saturday, March 2, 2024

You won’t believe How much Kylie Cosmetics turned over in 18 months

According to WWD, The make-up mogul, who turns 20 on August 10, is set to be “beauty’s next billion dollar baby by 2022.”

Kylie Jenner’s make-up brand, Kylie Cosmetics, was an instant success the moment it launched. With products selling out in mere minutes, and restocks eagerly awaited by fans, the brand is incredibly popular, despite only launching 18 months ago. And now, in an exclusive interview with WWD, it’s been revealed that Kylie Cosmetics turned over $420 million in retail sales in those first 18 months, which is more than a little impressive.

For comparison, WWD cites Tom Ford Beauty, which boasted $500 million in sales over a ten year period, with Lancôme taking eighty years to reach a billion dollars. The fact that Jenner’s fledgling brand will achieve that in just five more years is staggering.

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