Thursday, September 21, 2023

Your Clothes Can Now Store Data and Remember Pass Codes

Fashion technology is becoming a major aspect in the fashion industry and researchers are doing their best to make sure that clothes exceed their normal purpose of keeping the body warm and looking stylish.

clothes can now store data

In recent times, there has been a discovery of fabrics that can conduct electricity, asides from the previous discoveries  of textiles that can keep you warm and also power your phone with your movements.

clothes can now store data

In light of infusing technology into the fashion industry, a team of researchers from the University of Washington has developed a fabric that can store data with out the use of electronics or battery.

According to Shyam Gollakota who is one of the researchers, “You can think of the fabric as a hard disk—you’re actually doing this data storage on the clothes you’re wearing,”.

These fabrics can contain digital data in binary 1s and 0s, any designer who makes a belt, sleeve or any thing with a patch of these fabric can literally retain codes and used as key cards to open doors with electronic locks.

clothes can now store data

Just in case you are wondering if these clothes could be washed or ironed, yes they can as the researchers have made that possible.

Although Quartz technology reporter Mike Murphy seems not to be so pleased with the research, in a review he wrote “We wanted flying cars, instead we got jean jackets that can change the song on Spotify,”

How practical is this fabric and how soon would designers actually incorporate these fabrics into their collection.


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