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YSL Set to Launch ‘Or Rouge’ Skincare Line

Yves Saint Laurent is primed to launch an exciting new skincare line for Spring’14.

The premium line is called ‘Or Rouge’ (red gold), the name chosen to highlight the star ingredient the new products are blended with: saffron, which is an expensive and rare spice.

Orrouge pic

But it’s not just any strain of saffron, explained Stephan Bezy (the international manager of YSL Beauté at L’Oréal) in a press release. The Or Rouge’s saffron comes from high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where saffron pistils from crocus flowers grown there contain a high concentration of a unique glycan, known as crocin.

Glycans play a leading role in skin’s cell communication and metabolism, as well as contributing to tissue structure and architecture. Their quantity diminishes as people age, causing skin to lose substance and the deterioration of its supporting structure.

The YSL Or Rouge line – with its sleek, modern packaging – will work on fine lines, wrinkles, lack of firmness and dullness as well as other signs of ageing. The products will be unveiled first in UK at Harrods in mid February, with a US pre-launch scheduled for mid March and worldwide availability happening in April.

The priciest product of the line is a 50-ml cream which will retail for $240. A 15-ml eye cream will cost $240, while a 200-ml lotion will set you back by $150. But you’re worth it, right?

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