Monday, March 20, 2023

Zambia Fashion Week|NobuNkosi Mukevho Graces the Event

Zambia fashion week is already here and while all the preparation is taking place, Award winning South African designer, NobuNkosi Mukevho,the creative Director of the fashion label Khosi Nkosi is expected to showcase at the iconic event.

After winning a Young Designers Competition in 208, she went aheqad to establish her brand and since then she has been taking the South African fashion Industry by storm. The theme for this fashion week is “Design Beyond the Ordinary” scheduled to hold on October 19 to 21 at the New Government Complex.

The annual event would feature 62 indigenous designers, Terrence Leonard of Zimbabwe, and Linda Nkya and Popedi Segapo of South Africa. According to Zambia Fashion Week director Karen Nakawala , this years theme is aimed at challenging fashion designers that they can do extra ordinary things with their hands.

“Fashion designers especially upcoming ones need to think outside the box and try to be creative in their art of designing, because what we want are fresh designs, this year, the Zambia Fashion Week has received a number of upcoming designers on board, we can say we have at least seen a few male designers flocking in the female dominated industry.”

Karen strongly believes that local have a lot to learn form the award winning South African designer Nkosi, who has styled the likes of Lupita Nyong.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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