Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Zara Features Models Over 40 years Old In “Timeless” Campaign

Zara “Timeless” campaign

Zara is respected for their relatively thought through and diversified campaigns and the positive message each campaign passes through to the audience. The Spanish brand defied industry ageism in their newest campaign by featuring super models above the age of 40. These models are household names and they have worked and walked for top designers and brands in the within and outside the fashion industry.

zara timeless campaign 2017

The three supermodels who owned this campaign include Malgosia, Kristina De Coninck and Yasmin Warsame. The women wore outfits like, sweaters, leather skirts, turtle neck tops, trench coats and more from the brands Fall/Winter 2017 collection.


“I prefer myself so much better now than 10 years ago or 20 years ago. Obviously it would be nice not to get old and ugly [she jokes, laughing] but then the mental process is only better for me. So, it’s a paradox: more confidence and then you are getting old. But I kind of like it.”

“You know when you see movies, the way people were dressed, it always interested me a lot. The long skirt, the romantic tops and everything. I remember one time I went out and I would keep wearing my school uniform. That time Belgium, we would wear navy blue skirt, white shirt, and that felt very good too.”

METRO GRAB - taken from the Zara retail website Zara's new campaign features women over 40 Picture:

What we appreciate about this campaign is the damning of social and beauty standards in the industry and also the slow acceptance of the voice against ageism in the fashion and beauty industry.

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